Robotic Vacuums

Smart vacuums with artificial intelligence.

These vacuums have several advantages and benefits over traditional vacuum cleaners. Some common uses are:

Navigation: vacuums powered with artificial intelligence use algorithms that are advanced in order to provide efficient navigation while encountering obstacles, furniture or small spaces. Cleaning paths can be optimized and these vacuums can create a map of your home to ensure complete coverage.

Object Detection: vacuums with artificial intelligence recognize obstacles such as furniture and can adjust their path to avoid getting stuck.

Virtual Boundaries: set virtual boundaries using an app to prevent the vacuum from using specific areas (delicate items, etc.). This will ensure your vacuum cleaner stays with designated zones.

Improved Cleaning: adaptation to cleaning patterns may be a feature of an AI vacuum based upon the type of flooring (hardwood, carpet, etc.). Some models may even have sensors that detect areas with more dirt so that they can focus upon them.

Cleaning Automation: autonomous operation of the vacuum once set up, cleaning sessions can be scheduled and started remotely using an app.

Voice Control: several models work with voice assistance and you can start or stop and schedule cleaning using voice commands.